Cultivate UX/UI App Prototyping

A 76 hour app prototyping project
Design, research and prototype

During the COVID-19 pandemic, government officials have deemed all farm workers as frontline workers to continue supplying food to the nation. However, many farm workers are migrants where a majority of them are illegal, and with limited resources and help and language skills, they need help and a resource they could safely trust.

Cultivate is a simple and intuitive app that allows farm workers to access key resources that are imparative to keeping them safe and connected during COVID-19. Users go through a simple 2-step verfication process which gives them access to our resources immediately.

A key component to our app is our daily check-in feature that allows farmers to check-in on their mental health as well as whether they have symptoms of the coronavirus, thus alerting them whether or not to stay home. There is also a feature that tracks how many times they have washed their hands (with customizable reminders) as well as if they have been able to social distance from other with the app. By using Cultivate, users can earn points and redeem them toward food vouchers.

The app also connects farmers with their community by providing users with a simple forum to ask or seek out questions as well as a direct messaging service.

    Team members
  • Ida Chan
  • Michelle Lim
  • Mai Pham

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